148 Azabujyuban Chinese Appetizer night

Due special request we will be offering on the 20th Saturday night,
we will be offering Cantonese Dim sum & appetisers 18 course served with 7 different home made sauces.
the menu starts with
1. our classic BBQ pork Char siew
2. Braised Soya sauce Chicken
3. Marinated Rice wine Chicken (drunken Chinese chicken)
4. Button Quail pei tan
5. braised Lou mei (pigs ears)
7. San Choy Bau Seasoned pork filling in a lettuce cup
8. Chinese Cucumber salad
9. steamed Yuba roll
10. Ginger beef Dim sum
11. Har gau Prawn dim sum
12.money bag Pork dim sum
13. Mini Jiaozi
14.Breaded fried Prawn balls
15. Seasoned fried silk tofu
16. Braised chicken feet in black bean sauce
17. Egg drop soup
18. scallop Congee
The above is served with steamed rice
¥4900 per person plus sales tax.

Start time 7.30pm Saturday night
RSVP please as space is limited

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