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Saturday, 22 February 2014

My mother was born in Indonesia, she had on of the most successful Indonesian Restaurants in Sydney, back in the 80’s when the word fusion was not even used with food. Being a little home sick for my mum’s food. I decide to turn back the clock and recreate the food from my mum’s restaurant “Rumah Sate” House of sate.

we will be serving

Soto Ayam
Authentic Indonesian chicken soup.

Lumpia Goreng
Chicken, Bamboo shoots stripes fried spring rolls served with rich peanut sauce

My satays are marinated in traditional herbs & spices, skewered on bamboo stick, char-grilled to retain the juicy flavour & served with our tasty satay sauce
Sate Babi (pork Satay)
Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay)
Sate Dading (Beef Satay )
Sate Kambing (Lamb Satay )
All served with Acar (pickles)

Famous Indonesian dishes, mix steamed vegies, egg and tofu, spread with peanut sauce and Emping (Bitternut crackers)

Nasi Goreng
Fried rice with prawn, chicken, egg and Kurpuk (Shimp Cracker).

Opor Ayam
Marinated chicken cooked in lightly spiced coconut milk

Cumi Goreng Mentega
Calamari in fried in butter and spicy sauce

Rendang Padang
Spicy beef cooked in herbs, spices & coconut to tenderize and capture the flavour

Nasi Putih
Steam rice

Es Cendol
A refreshing drink made of tear drop shapes of rice jelly, served with brown sugar syrup, jack fruit and coconut milk

Price will be ¥5000 per person

Bookings are essential either Via Facebook, Email or call me 090 2472 870

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