” Funky Halloween in the Juban “

Funky Halloween in the Juban ”
Date: Saturday, October 27th
Place: 148 in Azabu Juban (www.lovestocook.net/wp)
Cost: JPY 4800
Black cats Menu of 9 Scary courses, with an funky cocktails being served Shots being served with Gallons of Mojitos & beer on tap

1.Bucket o’ Bones
Smoked BBQ Ribs

2.Voodoo Fondue
Cheese Fondue with bread & crackers

3.Stake-in-the-Heart Salad With Blue-Cheese Goo
Cabbage on a stick served with blue cheese dressing

4.Bug Salad
Caesar Salad with raisins

5.Witches’ Fingers in Bandages
Sausage wrapped with Pastry

6.Cauldron Full of Devilish Dip
Salsa dip served in a pot

7.Spicy Orange Bat Wings
Grilled Chicken wings Sweet & sour

8.Devils breath Chilli
Spiced Beef Chilli served with sour cream

9.Death by Chocolate
dark Chocolate Fondue served with cake

Prizes for the

COSTUME CONTESTS! Funniest, Sexiest, Best!

Please come and bring your friends!

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