Wyndham Estate winemaker’s Dinner

Wyndham Estate winemaker’s is coming to Japan for the first time and we have the pleasure to host a winemaker’s dinner at 148@AzabuJyuban on the night of the 21st of October (Sunday) from 1900
Ben Bryant – Wyndham Estate Winemaker
For a young man who’s not yet 30 years of age, Ben Bryant seems to have packed an awful lot into his winemaking career. Having cut his teeth in the frosty Central Ranges of NSW,…….
come find out more…..

The wines are the BIN series and all varietal or varietal blends with 5 in total
Semilion Sauvignon Blanc Bin 777
Chardonnay Bin222
Pinot Noir Bin333
Shiraz Bin 555
Cabernet Sauvignon Bin444

Dinner course is included with wines

cold cuts plate
smoked duck with yuzu
angus chuck eye steak
cheese plate

¥6000 all inclusive

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