Zombie Halloween@148

To be come the ZOMBIE for Halloween we will be offering
” all you can drink special zombie potion ”

Bloody berry effen Vodka shots
Mango & Bacardi rum puss cocktails
White peach Silver Cuervo Tequila shots
Green peach sangria made with shiraz wine

we will have a buffet serving
1.Blackened spiced Crow (Grilled spiced Jerked Chicken)
2.Witches fingers served with cats blood (sausages with rich tomato sauce)
3.Smokey spiders (cold smoked pacific oysters)
4.Soy braised Bats wings (soy braised chicken wings)
5.Voodo fondue( rich cheese fondue served with bread)
6.Devilled eggs (eggs filled with salmon mousse)

Special Prizes for dressing up

Cost ¥4800 per person
please RSVP

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